Societal impact

In the continuation of ACSEPT, SACSESS aims to reduce the amount and the radiotoxicity of high-level nuclear waste by designing chemical processes that aim to recycle all actinides within fast-neutron reactors or transmuting transuranics in dedicated burners with a focus on the safety of these processes. This will benefit Europe by easing the nuclear waste management problem and by increasing public acceptance of nuclear energy. The advances will be useful both to countries committed to using nuclear energy and those planning to phase it out.

SACSESS will propose safe optimised advanced closed-fuel-cycle options that incorporate actinide reprocessing to European policy makers, utilities and technology providers. The demonstration of a feasible recycling strategy under safe conditions should have a positive impact on public opinion, and in turn on government decision makers. It will also help to prevent the diffusion of hazardous radionuclides into the biosphere in the far future, paving the way for nuclear sustainability.